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Duo Cordelia
Knox Performance Centre
Oct. 30th 2024 | $30/Ticket


Formed in 2016, Duo Cordelia features violinist and composer Vanessa Marcoux and pianist Marie-Christine Poirier. The ensemble is very active on the Canadian classical music scene and is being regularly invited to perform across Canada. The two musicians widen the framework of their respective instruments by ushering them into new territory. The Duo’s mission is to expand the possibilities within the medium of the classical concert by introducing improvisation, an array of exciting repertoire from the 20th and 21st century, arrangements of traditional melodies and original compositions by Vanessa. This rich combination of classical repertoire and lesser-known works allows the listener to draw new bridges between musical universes that would otherwise be dissociated. The result is a touching and unique concert experience, which goes straight to the heart of our deep connection with music. The Duo has received numerous grants from the Quebec and Canada Arts Councils. Their first album will be released in the winter of 2024.

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