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Check out what events are happening next in our Performing Arts Series
at Knox Centre in Prince George!

Performing Arts Series

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District and Trinity United

Prince George proudly announce the much anticipated second season of the Performing Arts Series, set to grace the stage this September. With a curated selection of world-class performers and ground-breaking productions, this season promises to be a celebration of cultural excellence and artistic innovation.

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Jeremy Ledbetter Trio
Knox Performance Centre
Sept. 28th 2024 | $40/Ticket


Forged in a cauldron of raging, inspiring contemporary jazz, the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio pushes the boundaries of jazz and world music, providing an undiluted display of rampaging energy and captivating musicianship.

Audiences must exercise caution. People who see this band are rarely the same again. If the Jeremy Ledbetter Trio were an inanimate object it would be a runaway train.
Jeremy Ledbetter has been creating genre-bending original music since forming the
Caribbean Latin jazz outfit CaneFire in 2004. Since then, he has worked closely with
an international array of artists that includes David Rudder, Eliana Cuevas, the
Larnell Lewis Band, Aquiles Baez, Alexis Baro, OKAN, Rinse the Algorithm,

Patricia Cano, and more.

The Jeremy Ledbetter Trio sees Jeremy joined by Grammy-winning drummer Larnell Lewis of Snarky Puppy and renowned electric bassist Rich Brown, who offer the perfect counterpart to Ledbetter’s iconoclastic energy at the piano. The Trio’s debut album “Got a Light?”, released in 2018, has been described as

“a controlled explosion of big ideas and compelling musical storytelling”.

Duo Cordelia
Knox Performance Centre
Oct. 30th 2024 | $30/Ticket


Formed in 2016, Duo Cordelia features violinist and composer Vanessa Marcoux and pianist Marie-Christine Poirier. The ensemble is very active on the Canadian classical music scene and is being regularly invited to perform across Canada. The two musicians widen the framework of their respective instruments by ushering them into new territory. The Duo’s mission is to expand the possibilities within the medium of the classical concert by introducing improvisation, an array of exciting repertoire from the 20th and 21st century, arrangements of traditional melodies and original compositions by Vanessa. This rich combination of classical repertoire and lesser-known works allows the listener to draw new bridges between musical universes that would otherwise be dissociated. The result is a touching and unique concert experience, which goes straight to the heart of our deep connection with music. The Duo has received numerous grants from the Quebec and Canada Arts Councils. Their first album will be released in the winter of 2024. 

Proximity by Move:
The Company

Prince George Playhouse
Nov. 30th 2024 | $40/Ticket


Joshua Beamish is a BC dance artist who has achieved worldwide success as a prolific choreographer and an exceptional performer: this is a chance to see both aspects of his work. The original digital program featured two of his creations – Lost Touch, a solo for Renée Sigouin, and Proximity, a duet performed by Beamish and Sigouin. Beamish also dances in two solos choreographed for him: Redemption, by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, and Ablaze Amongst the Fragments of Your Sky by former Ballet BC artist Kirsten Wicklund. Falling Upward is a dance film created by Joshua Beamish, Scott Fowler & Stefan Nazarevich. All five works touch on journeys through solitude and contemplation, harnessing a reflection of our collective present in service of investigation and growth. The live production will include a sixth short work SALT, created by Beamish and performed by Beamish and Sigouin.

Knox Performance Centre
Dec. 7th 2024 | $70/Ticket


​What can sound better than a cello? Eight cellos! This instrument, the closest to the human voice, is one of the few which carries being multiplied. When played together with others, the beauties of this intrument add up, giving birth to a unique, full and exceptional sound. Ô-Celli was brought to life by the shared passion of eight cellists, chamber musicians and concertists, for this exceptional vibration they created. Together, they take us on a fabulous journey through a repertoire of both original and arranged pieces, as they eagerly travel through a wide musical panel, ranging from Tchaikovsky to Strauss, passing by the music of Piazzolla and Nino Rota.​

J.S. Bach’s
Long Walk in the Snow

Knox Performance Centre
Apr. 24th 2025 | $60/Ticket


Know Performance Centre welcomes CBC’s Tom Allen and friends to the stage for “JS Bach’s Long Walk in the Snow,” a narrated performance accompanied by music. About the show, Allan writes that it “…is a coming-of-age-story about a hot-headed, small-town orphan who narrowly avoided committing murder, turned his back on a perfectly good job and walked 400 kilometres north to find love, fulfilment, and the father figure he didn’t know he needed.” The 20-year old’s trek to the sophisticated port city of Lubeck was a four-month odyssey, a memorable coming-of-age trip that musical storyteller Tom Allen takes you along for a tale of sword fights, big business, and a glittering Christmas romance.

Tara Cheyanne & Calder White
Prince George Playhouse

May 10th, 2025 | $45/Ticket


Tara Cheyanne ‘Body Parts’
Body Parts is a solo performance by veteran artist Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg in which she tries to perform her show but gets comically side-tracked by her own body issues and the absurdity of performing them. Something has gone terribly wrong! Part stand-up comedy, part Greek tragedy, part performance art, part contemporary dance, this solo is the result of the ever-changing nature of creating art during a pandemic and our inability to talk about our bodies. Created from interviews, symposiums and round-tables with people of diverse ages, backgrounds and perspectives who identify as female, non-binary or on the femme-spectrum, the movement has been mined from our unique struggles with body image, and the comic/tragic relentlessness of "cultural" pressure. Body Parts was adapted into a film in 2021 that toured digitally from February-May 2021.

Calder White ‘Baby’

BABY is a contemporary dance theatre piece that integrates puppetry, prop, and costume to distort the audience's perception of the number of 'real' bodies on stage. The characters we encounter in the piece exist at the intersection of intimacy, anonymity, and horror, multiplying and projecting themselves onto other parts of their own bodies, onto the bodies of other performers,

and outwards into space in the pursuit of connection.

Jessica McMann Trio
Knox Performance Centre
May 25th 2025 | $30/Ticket


Jessica McMann is an Alberta -based Cree (Cowessess, SK), multi-disciplinary artist. She interweaves land, Indigenous identity, history, and language throughout her dance and music creation/performance practice. A classically trained flutist, she holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Calgary and an MFA in Contemporary Arts from Simon Fraser University. Her work fuses together traditional language and dance with her own contemporary experiences as an Indigenous woman and Two-Spirit person.

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